Have you heard about the simulation theory? We literally live in a simulation and everything that you see in the physical reality is a holographic representation of what is inside

By changing the simulation, by changing your core vibration, you can shift to the ideal frequency where everything and everyone is vibrating at the frequency that you'd prefer, including you

Yes you can travel from one dimension to another, each feeling is holding a particular frequency which is associated to a certain vibration & upon having absolute grip over the quantum manifestation techniques, you can leap & shift to the reality of your preference in a blink of an eye

You thought feelings, sensation, emotions, belief, state, behavior, preferences become your vibration

Law Of Vibration Manifestation Coach is an unique discovery of Chirasree Banerjee that she structured by closely observing various other Manifestation Laws of the universe

Inspired by Law of Attraction, Simulation Theory, Quantum Physics, The Study Of Energetics, 7 Hermetic Principles, Law of Attunement, Law of Assumption, Law of Karma, the Quantum Leap Model - finally Law of Vibration Manifestation Coach was born. Yes this is a certified course

With over 3.8k success stories , this system has worked for me. I am sure it'll work for you too. 

Not only can it help you to manifest but also help you to become a manifestation coach or upgrade your skills, if you already are a manifestation coach

This course will also help you to find your hidden unique gifts and design that can activate you furthermore on a deeper level to catch up the rhythm of your most authentic soul expression , where your inner & outer reality merge to such an extent that at core you become a powerful manifestation magnet experiencing alignment, harmony & constant flow of abundance of miracles in every sector of your life 

You are a vibrational being having a human experience

⚡If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy & frequencies - Nikola Tesla


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