About Quantum Dynamic 8

Recreating Life & Living

Quantum Dynamic is a GOD-centered government-registered digital educational and service-based startup. It is an all-purpose e-learning school and a multilingual creative, educational, and holistic service-providing organization that aims at enhancing the quality of your life and living. Quantum Dynamic 8 was founded by Christ Consciousness Teacher, Chirasree Banerjee in 2017. We have served over 400+ students and clients with professional courses and services - that have helped them start thriving in their individual life purpose, relationship, and spiritual, psychological & emotional expansion journeys or life in general.

Here are a few things that you will get once you become a part of our magical community:

  1. Professional Courses 
  2. Books
  3. Skill based awareness
  4. Business strategy coaching 
  5. Product designing 
  6. Quantum Integration therapy
  7. Electric spells and energy healing 
  8. Integrated manifestation scripts 
  9. Situation Specific courses
  10. Solutions and teachings to get your ex back 
  11. Access bar practitioner 
  12. Digital economist
  13. Knowledge broker 
  14. Reiki level IV master 
  15. Learning and practicing the Law of Vibration 
  16. Seven figures per month club


You also get to be a part of the Quantum Dynamic 8 official group which is a platform to support all those who are going through trauma, depression, work stress, tired of the 9-5 routine, or trying to come out of domestic violence, narcissistic abuse, PTSD, CPTSD or are having extreme upheavals and have suffered voraciously in the process - or are in the twin flames, soul mate, spiritual, healing or life purpose journey- or are simply happy people - looking forward to diving deeper in their individual spiritual ascension journey and are willing to walk the path of knowing Jesus more closely.

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