About the Founder

“Chirasree Banerjee is a heart centred entrepreneur & UX integrated product designer.From a quantum vibrational , molecular, psychological and neurobiological stand point,Chirasree's teachings introduce us to a completely new perspective altogether about Manifestation, Spirituality, Lightwork,Healing & Therapy which has never been explored ever before
With her unique modalities,courses, concepts,she literally rises as the glitch in the matrix.
With over 4000 success stories, our Energy Integration & Miracle Queen is changing lives & is creating a massive difference. Having to be an abuse & trauma informed profesional, Chirasree's quantum leaps stand out to make a global revolutionary transformation in the mental health recovery & self help industry 


We are a multi tiered corporate luxury premium brand

 From courses for personal, emotional, psychological & spiritual development,we  also have courses & in house modalities for professionals.

 We have a wide range of luxury premium digital products & services to contribute in your journey of recreating your life & living by imbing in more luxury, abundance, serendipity, joy, love, ease, grace, epiphany, happiness & satisfaction

What You Will Learn:

Connect to your inner child & learn to heal it

Become a master of adapting to the secrets of radical self-love

Bonus Secret Teachings Of Manifestation

Become a magnet of love attraction

Audio Tool Kit To Boost Your Potential

Fame, Wealth, Health & Relationship Consciousness Rewiring Tool

Acceleration & Boosters

Scripts & More

What would you like to learn today?


Walk & Talk With Me

I help you to integrate & shift your core beliefs on a molecular level to LIVE THE IMPOSSIBLE.


Ever experienced miracles? Not yet! The reason is you have been missing out on Chirasree Ma'am! Yeah, am being authentic. The vibe of flowing and feeling love and expanding your consciousness happens nowhere else but here. Out of the blue shifts guided to make you fly in your desired realities are true and the magic happens for real. The soul tribe we have here is all that one can never be enough thankful for! There's so much to be grateful for once you know the magical being, the CEO of Quantum Dynamic 8.


So I came to know Chirasree sometime around June this year, and spoke to her about my condition and how I was ruining myself to infinity!! How I had been duped by so many and where I was going wrong!! Can't thank her enough for not only hearing me out patiently but helping me out with the required process, advice, materials, and of course her time. I not only started feeling much better but also started loving myself more and really started living my life to the fullest.


I remember how I came across Chirashree while scrolling randomly on Instagram. I messaged her after checking some of her posts and that’s when my journey started with Chirashree. I can talk about most of the courses from Chirashree but I would be specific to two very important courses which are not estimated as it deserves. As in I feel Chirashree must endorse them in a way they deserve.



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